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Great Way to Store Jewelry

Jewelry cabinets take center stage in every closet. A piece of furniture becomes the most necessary attribute of the bedroom when a woman is going to work, a party or a regular evening walk. At this moment, there is simply no time to get your favorite earrings or beads from a tangled ball of jewelry. An excellent solution to solve this problem would be a jewelry cabinet from SONGMICS HOME.

Internal filling of jewelry cabinets

Modern jewelry cabinets today act as a specific organizer. The design makes it possible to store your jewelry conveniently and correctly. You can open the cabinet at any time and easily take out your favorite earrings.

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A jewelry cabinet has several drawers for certain jewelry:

  • hooks for long jewelry;
  • special rods for storing rings;
  • shelf for storing jewelry in boxes.

In fact, there can be a lot of options for storing your jewelry. It all depends on the model and size of the cabinet. Here a woman has the right to choose for herself.

Today, the market offers floor, wall and interior designs. Floor cabinets are most often installed in the bedroom near the bed. Wall-mounted models look great in the hallway. Internal structures will save space and free space in the apartment. The inner cabinet can be installed anywhere.

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Original ideas for storing jewelry

Despite the opportunity to purchase modern models of jewelry storage cabinets, many women prefer to use handmade products that look great in the room and are convenient to use. You can create an original shelf for storing your jewelry yourself. You can use twigs or wire as the main material. It all depends on your ideas and fantasies. The composition can be made in any style. The finished stand can be complemented with lace or textile elements.

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