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Durability and Longevity of Polyurethane Parts

Polyurethane products are wear-resistant, guarantee a long service life and less need for replacement and repair. Such technical characteristics of polyurethane parts are important for cars used in difficult conditions, such as off-road or low temperatures.

Improved controllability and stability

Such parts have high rigidity, which ensures precise and stable operation of the car suspension, improves controllability and reduces the risk of lateral slippage. This is important for road safety and driving comfort.

Noise and vibration reduction

Polyurethane has a high shock-absorbing capacity, reducing the level of noise and vibration when the car is moving, which reduces the load on the driver and passengers. This is especially important for long trips.

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Polyurethane bushings for cars

Polyurethane bushings are parts that are used to connect various elements of the car’s suspension system. They are often installed between the axle and the bracket, as well as between the stabilizer and the bracket.

Polyurethane bushings provide good shock absorption and better protection against wear, compared to rubber bushings, which affects the handling of the car. Polyurethane bushings also ensure stable operation of the suspension system.

Polyurethane dampers

Dampers are elements that are designed to reduce oscillations and vibrations that occur when a car is moving.

Polyurethane dampers are resistant to environmental factors such as high and low temperatures, oils, or chemicals.

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Installation and care of polyurethane parts

Basic rules for ensuring the durability of polyurethane products for cars:

  • It is important to install polyurethane parts correctly.
  • It is necessary to regularly check for damage and wear, monitor lubrication.
  • It is recommended to use special lubricants for polyurethane parts.

Polyurethane parts are an excellent alternative to original car parts due to their high strength and stability. Proper installation and care will ensure maximum durability of the suspension system.

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