March Super Bundle
Files that included in this bundle
11 CMS Pro m2 Premium themes:

1. Batix
2. Interativo    
3. Kenzy
4. Showbiz
5. Applicativo
6. Gamez     
7. Ronx
8. Zafira
9. Globex
10.Vieto not updated for cmspro v4+
11.porto not updated for cmspro v4+

How much:

you pay only $99 for $410 worth of Responsive Premium themes


Powerful and efficient themes for serious site owners and professional CMS pro users.
Sophisticated design and beautiful code unite in each theme,
Resulting in a lightweight, fast and secure CMS pro product.
Multipurpose themes, Cover most of your projects need.
Regulary updates.
Dedicated support.


Thank you for supporting us!,
And Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time, thru the contact form located on the bottom right side of my profile page.:

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5 years ago

Hi - I bought this nice "SUPER BUNDLE" package and I realized you mixed up 2 templates, VIETO and PORTO. Meaning, in PORTO there are images and extra database only from VIETO.... Can you take a look and let me have VIETO and PORTO without being included in SUPER BUNDLE package? thanks

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Current Version2.00

September 13, 2014 07:50 PM2.00

  1. the bundle have been updated to v4.0+ with all theme fixes applied.
  2. 2 themes removed PORTO and VIETO ( not updated for cmspro v4+)

1.00 Initial VersionMarch 02, 2014 01:42 AM

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